Choosing stuffed animals for pets

Stuffed animals for petsPets also like stuffed animals. But choosing the proper stuffed animals for pets might be a challenge, if you don’t know what are you looking for. We have you covered with a few quick and basic advices that should help you out.

Stuffed animals can be great companions not only to humans but to pets too. Usually cats and dogs can appreciate their stuffed friend the most but that’s now always the case. Stuffies can also be a great fun toy for the pets or even help them in their development when they are still young.

The right stuffed animals for pets

Logic tells you that a stuffed dog would be a nice choise for a dog and a stuffed cat – for a real cat. But actually that can depend on the goal of the toy and the preferences of both you and your pet. A stuffed toy can be used for the training of the pet, playing games, companion and etc.

First things first. Choosing the type of stuffed animals for pets. Don’t go for animated stuffed animals. They have too many electronics or moving parts that can be an issue when/if the pet decides their stuffie is also a chew toy. Also choose a stuffed toy that can be washed in a machine, as you will have to clean the toy much more often than the “regular” stuffies.

Choose a stuffed toy that’s smaller than your pet so that he or she can carry it arround with ease and also feel comfortable arround it. Also always keep in mind that the toy will be chewed and played with.

This means the probability for tears is greater. This also means that you should choose a toy with no extra details like buttons, zippers, inner wire frame and etc. Also go for stuffed animals that are designed for little kids i.e. under three years old. This means that the materials and stuffind in the toy are safe in case they are ingested. With that said always keep an eye out and never ever let your pet ingest any parts of the stuffed toy, just to be on the safe side.

And last but not least when coosing stuffed animals for pets. You know your pet better than anyone. You know what she or he likes so use that when choosing a toy. You will also know when its safe to leave the pet alone with the toy or if you should always be arround.

Do you have any more tips for choosing stuffed animals for pets? Share them in the comments or in our forum.