Children donate thousands of stuffed animals to other children

Children donate thousands of stuffed animalsChildren are known for their compassion. They help other children in need often and with whatever they can. Like donating thousands of stuffed animals to other kids and charities.

There are many great stories that  show exactly what we mean. We’ve gathered a few more recent that will touch your heart. We hope these children will also motivate all os us to be a little more like them.

Perhaps one of the most touching stories is the one of Zoe Bernard Sallois. In January this year she sadly lost her battle with cancer. Zoe had just one wish – she wanted to have thousands of stuffed animals around her.

So her parents put her request on social media. They hoped to get about 1000 stuffies, her dad says to CBC. But In the following weeks Zoe got more than 25 000 stuffed animals. They were coming from all over the world. Other children were sending stuffies, adults were sending stuffies.

Many of the stuffed animals sent by children had their own touching stories. For example one other child sent his last stuffed animals. HIs house burned dowin in a fire and that stuffie was his only thing that had survived.

After Zoe passed away her parents decided to spread the same stuffies that brought her so much joy to other children in need. Again thanks to social media and charities, many of the stuffies are now in Haiti, Guatemala, Syria, Africa.

There are other touching stories too. For example a 4 year old boy is battling cancer. Ethan Van Leuven was diagnosed with leukemia at just 22 months old. Sadly doctors say his chances are not little to none, so his parents and friends are creating a week of holidays to remember, KSL reports.

So a 13 year old boy from West Valley for example donated his entire stuffed animals collection to Ethan. Diego Torres won most of his toys on a claw machine with his mother. They started to play the claw machine when his mother was diagnosed with melanoma. It was more than four years ago.

Diego’s mother survived and is cleared from cancer. But he knows what’s like to worry so he hopes his stuffies will bring the same comfortthey gave him.

A third story is the one of Jessica Carscadden. She’s 12 and she lives in San Diego County. Recently she donated a total of 85 bags of stuffed animals to the Long Beach Police and Fire Departments, the Long Beach Post reports.

Jessica has started the initiative We Care Bears. She says se wants every child who is scare to have a bear or other stuffed animal to huggle. The toys will be placed in the patrol and rescue vehicles so that officers and firemen always have a soft toy at hand to give to a scared child.

Jessica hasn’t had trouble before. She lives across the street form a fire station sho she just thought ot the idea. She wanted to help and she did. And she will continue to do so. We all should too.