Chevrolet makes a special real Camaro for the Hot Wheels’ 50th Anniversary

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Chevrolet makes a special real Camaro for the Hot Wheels' 50th AnniversaryHot Wheels celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. So, what a better way to mark the occasion than with a special edition model, right? A special one.

So, how to make such a special model? Well, how about a real car? Yes, Chevrolet made a special edition of its latest Camaro to mark the Anniversary.

The Camaro was actually one of the original 16 cars that featured in the very first Hot Wheels collection in 1968. So, it’s no wonder that it makes for a great special model now.

The 2018 Camaro SS Hot Wheels Edition comes in an “Orange Crush” color. It’s a special color which only the Anniversary edition will be able to have.

A lot of options and configurations

The paint is part of the $4,995 Hot Wheels package that’s only available on the loaded Camaro 2LT or 2SS trims. The black interior gets matching orange seat inserts, seat belts and knee bolsters. The package also includes uniquely styled, forged 20-inch alloy wheels that pay homage to the Hot Wheels low-friction wheels and “tires”, Chron reports.

And the special car also has a spoiler, anniversary badges, a special grille, striping, floor mats, etc. One piece of trivia: The dark tail lamps on the Hot Wheels are also used on the ZL1 1LE and Redline Edition Camaros, other members of Chevy’s special edition tribe, Chron adds.

The special Hot Wheels package is also available on the convertible. Prices start at $39 290 for the coupe and $44 490 for the convertible. Finally, the top of the line 6.2-liter V8 Hot Wheels coupe starts at $47,990 while the convertible goes for $53,990.

If you want a special 2018 Camaro SS Hot Wheels Edition then you have until June 21st 2018 to order one. After that the only way to get one is going to be on the secondary market.

Would the 2018 Camaro SS Hot Wheels Edition become a prize collectors’ item like most Hot Wheels? It’s too early to tell, but there’s definitely such a possibility. It would be an even nicer touch if each real car came with a Hot Wheels model of itself.