Chemo Ducks stuffed animals help kids with pediatric cancer

Chemo Ducks stuffed animals help kids with pediatric cancerChemo Ducks is a non-profit organization which uses stuffed ducks and special games to help kids understand better what’s happening and comfort them. Now it’s teaming up with Duck Donuts for the cause.

Chemo Ducks provides education, comfort and hope. It gives plush ducks to the kids and also uses therapeutic tools and medical play.

Chemo Ducks stuffed toys help specialists to explain the various medical equipment and procedures they have to do. The toys are also useful to bring comfort to the kids and be their companion during the procedures.

“The ducks become an instant friend to the children who receive them, and even come with matching bandanas for the duck and child,” said Ashley Kane, Penn State Children’s Hospital child life program manager to PennLive.

So far 120 hospitals around the world are working with Chemo Ducks. The organization has given out more than 30 000 plush ducks. Now they are teaming with Duck Donuts who are a local business.

“We are extremely excited and proud to be partnering with another ‘super duck,'” said Chemo Duck Founder and CEO Louise Sipos in a press statement. “As one of the best and fastest-growing franchising companies in the country, Duck Donuts is in the perfect position to support our mission as we strive to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.”

Duck Doughnuts and Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program announced their national partnership at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, WHTM reports. Duck Doughnuts made a $10,000 donation Friday to Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program to give kids with cancer a stuffed duck with chemotherapy ports.

Both organizations want to give some more comfort to kids and help them win the battle against cancer.