Check out Vin Diesel promoting old school toys back in 1994

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Check out Vin Diesel promoting old school toys back in 1994We all know Vin Diesel as a big, tough guy. He does like to have fun and has a soft spot though – toys and action figures. Here he is in a video from 1994 promoting Street Sharks action figures during the New York Toy Fair.

Back in 1994 wasn’t as nearly as famous as he is now. But maybe performances like the one you are about to see showed movie producers he can be a good actor.

Plus, he obviously has the look that is great for superheroes. While he never did really became famous for superhero roles, he did land on a big success with The Fast and The Furious franchise.

It’s worth noting that Diesel does manage his presentation quite well. He puts in a lot of effort and enthusiasm and doesn’t really stutter or miss a beat. Street Sharks was a syndicated cartoon that ran for three seasons and 40 episodes back in the mid-‘90s, gaining a large following and a line of popular toys to boot.

Now, enjoy the video: