Check out this Firefly Serenity Plush Ship

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Check out this Firefly Serenity Plush Ship
Image credit: ThinkGeek

Fans of Firefly rejoice. The Serenity ship comes to you in plush form. This means you can finally cuddle with the iconic ship. Treat hear properly though.

Serenity is the most popular and beloved ship from the TV series Firefly. Over the years it has developed a following of its own. She is not exactly always on its best form but that is a big part of her charm.

Serenity is so popular it has actually appeared in other movies. Like Battlestar Galactica, in a Star Wars webcomic and so on. Naturally the fans have had the pleasure to have Serenity in all kinds of scale models. Well, almost all kinds. The plush version was missing.

Up untill now. ThinkGeek has a Firefly Serenity plush ship on sale. And it comes with the typical hilarious desciption. “Despite all the bailing wire and duct tape, she’s a thing of beauty, majestic in her own way. Sometimes, you can just sit and stare, wonder. She represents Freedom. The freedom to come and go as you please. The freedom to make port in one place, move some goods, collect some coin, and move on to another. The freedom to fly. Unfortunately, you’re not free to keep one of these things in your office or workspace – a Firefly-class transport ship weighs some 285,000 pounds, and is almost 270 feet long. Also, the outrigger turbine pods have a strong tendency to suck in people what stand too close to ’em. So you’ll have to settle for this plush.”

Naturally you will have to treat her properly. ThinkGeek says in this case this means “surface wash only and air dry.” You accidentally drop it in the washing machine on hot and throw it in the dryer on high heat? She’ll be with you for the rest of your life if there are reavers around the corner. And we hope, for your sake, that they aren’t”.

The Firefly Serenity plush ship has some extra details too. The shuttles on this plush Serenity detach from the main body (but are tethered by cording so you don’t lose them) in case Inara needs to make a quick getaway. All the details are printed on, and there’s even a convenient spot built into the gravity rotor housing where you can stick your hand to “pilot” your ship manually.

The plush Serenity is 18 inches long and 14 inches wide. It costs 39.95 dollars from ThinkGeek..