Check out this Big Hero 6 Baymax plush figure

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Check out this Big Hero 6 Baymax plush figureDisney’s Big Hero 6 Baymax is here in plush form. He is currently the most popular plush toy on Amazon. Don’t worry, he has his healthcare chip working.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, let us help you out. Big Hero is a 2014 movie by Disney. It is a computer-animated action comedy and it is inspired by Marvel Comics’ superhero team with the same name. This is also the first Disney movie that features Marvel characters.

Baymax is an inflatable healthcare robot that is one of the main characters in the movie. He is also one of the most loved by the fans. Baymax features two chips – one healthcare and one combat. Remove one and the robot turns into a full on healthcare robot or a combat robot. At least in the story.

The Baymax plush figure on the other hand is all about being good and caring. He proved to be so popular that in Germany and Japan the movie will be in fact be released under the name Baymax and not Big Hero 6.

So naturally people couldn’t wait to get their hands on Baymax figures. In fact the 10-inch version of the toy is currently the most popular stuffed toy and plush figure on Amazon’s Top 100 toys. It is 14th overall as of March 8th 2015.

The Baymax plush figure is not only for cuddling though. He comes with three batteries because he can talk when squeezed. He will be saying some of his most popular lines in the movie. Amongst them are “Are you satisfied with your care?”, “Excuse me while I let out some air” (which is funny since he is an inflatable robot and so on. He will even be making a sound as if he is deflating.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Plush Figure

There is also an even bigger version of him. The 18-inch Baymax plush figure doesn’t have sound effects. Instead it is featuring articulated arms that move just like on the Baymax in the movie. He is also very soft and great for cuddling.

Well we too are going to go let out some air. Stay tuned for more cool stuffed animals and plush figures.