Check out these tiny crochet animals (really tiny)

Check out these tiny crochet animals (really tiny)Coming from Japan, these teeny tiny chrochet animals will make you feel like a real giant. Despite being so small, these amigurumi toys are very detailed.

Amigurumi is an art form and a hobby that originated in Japan about 10-15 years ago. The word is a combination of the Japanese ami (meaning crocheted or knitted) and nuigurumi (meaning stuffed doll), Metro reports.

The Su Ami store on Etsy is offering a series of amigurumi animals. They are quite expensive as some can reach nearly 130 dollars. That’s a lot for a tiny figure that is basically the size of your finger nail.

The average price is about 30-40 dollars though. It is still a lot, but you can imagine how much effort must go into making such a miniature crochet animal.

The red panda in the picture above for example is aprox. 1.2 inch length ( 30 mm) from nose to tail and 0.6 inch tall (15 mm). It is able to stand freely on its own and is crocheted by embroidery threads and a little mohair. It is styffed with polyfill. Yes, there is even stuffing in these little guys.

They come packed in a small clear plastic box, that allows you to display them proudly. You can take the out of the box and add them to a dollhouse or other miniatures.

This is a miniature green Tyrannosaurus. He is 1 inch tall and 1.2 inches long.

Miniature Green Tyrannosaurus - Dollhouse Miniature Dinosaurs

The T-Rex is too big? Well, then how about this extremely small crocheted snail? The super tiny snail is crocheted only by a single sewing thread 0.2mm, using smallest hook 0.4mm, micro sewn black plastic eyes 0.3mm.

micro crocheted snail

Who says whales are huge? This pink narwhal whale is just 18 mm long, yet manages to look very cute.

Micro crocheted pink narwhal whale

There is even a whole chicken family. It includes a hen and three little chickens. The little chickens are crocheted only by single embroidery threads, using smallest needles and a hook, micro sewn black plastic eyes 0.1- 0.3mm cored and stuffed by polyfil. They are aprox. 6 mm tall, while the hen is 12 mm tall.

Crocheted chicken family

This is another impressive creation by SuAmi. It is a tiny crocheted parrot what is 20 mm long including the tail. It can stand freely and it comes with a tiny tree and a mini clear plastic dome. He looks cute, doesn’t he?

crocheted arrot

There are lots of other tiny crocheted toys in the store that are worth checking out. So head on there and take your pick.