Check out these learning stuffed animals

stuffed-elmoLearning stuffed animals are a great way to introduce your child to the world of education. These toys can help with the basics and can be a lot of fun.

The first thought when one hears learning stuffed animals usually is of an interactive toy that repeats learning tips, plays educational games. But a learning stuffed animal can actually be helpful for some very basic things.

For example a toy with zippers, buttons and other fasteners can help your child learn how to use these items. It sounds weird but keep in mind that absolutely everything in the world is new and unknown to a child.

Getting a set of stuffed animals on the other hand can be of use to teach the child to add and substract. “This is a job for the school”, you may say. Well, yes and no. The school will teach the child to multiply and so on. But the very basics like counting from one to 10 for example and adding and substracting small number is better done by the parents. Next up is the colors. Stuffed animals in various colors can help your child learn the colors and their names.

The above stuff can be done with any stuffed animal. But what about some more specific educational stuffed animals?

Lets see these learning stuffed animals

This is the Talking ABC Elmo from Playskool. He is almost 13 inches tall and has a built in voice box. When you press his tummy you will hear Elmo sing the alphabet song and say various fun phrases or sometimes a fun fact.

Check out these learning stuffed animals
Image credit: Toys R Us

The BuckleyKitty is a 17-inch tall learning toy that has several educational phases. It will teach babies and toddlers visual matching, small motor coordination and problem solving as they match brightly patterned ribbons and configure 5 different types of plastic buckles. This happens in various stages and ensures you will spend some quality time with your child.

BuckleyKitty Learning toy
Image credit: Toys R Us

The Crib-a-Roo pair consists of BuckleyRoo and BabyRoo. They are meant to soothe and engage the senses. There are lots of accessories and small items that help your child learn various basics on how to use the these items. Of course the parent should be present when playing.

Crib-a-Roo Learning stuffed animals

Last but not least is the My Barnyard Friends playset. It comes with a plush bag in the shape of a barn. It features small 4-inch stuffed animals that make sounds. It is a great way to let your child explore the farm and make the first contact with farm animals. Even if they are small, soft and cuddly.

My Barnyard Friends Playset

Well these are some of the great learning stuffed animals out there. There a lots and lots more, that focus on specific tasks. Basically you can find almost anything you would need.