Check out these great stuffed animals collections

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Check out these great stuffed animals collections

Stuffed animals are more than just toys for many of us. Over the years we build stuffed animals collections that we are proud of. Like these you can see here.

We’ve gathered a few recent videos of great stuffed animals collections that you can check out.

For example this great collection of Disney themed stuffies. It features soft toys from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Star Wars and many more. Check them out in the video below.

Need more Disney plish toys? Here you go. Another big collection that features characters from all of the top Disney movies.

Or maybe how about a collection that covers Super Mario Bros. There are a few plastic toys in there, too, but the stuffies are quite a lot and are all owrth checking out.

Sticking with the themed collections, there is one that focuses entirely on stuffed bunnies. If you like bunnies, this is the collection you will love.

Here is yet another themed collection of plushies. This one is dedicated to the Lion King.

Since we are on a themed collections…theme. Here is one of lots and lots Hello Kitty Beanie Babies.

And finally, a big My Little Pony collection. The stuffies are not that many in there, but they have a special place. Check it out.

In the end, remember that the size of the collection is not that important If you can’t have such a big collection ot stuffed animals, don’t feel sad. What matters is that you love each of your stuffies, not how many of them you have.

If you do want to share your collection with everybody, get in touch with us or visit our forum.