Check out the most read articles on for 2015

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Check out the most read articles on for 2015Stuffed animals continue to be one of the most favorite toys of people of all ages. People are interested in news about stuffies and we have them!

Over the past year we have had quite a lot of articles about stuffed animals, LEGO and other toys. What are the topics that you, the readers, were most interested in? Let’s find out!

In no particular order, here are the articles that were the most read in 2015 here on

You liked the practical advices and new ways to make sure your stuffed animals are in their best shape. So you loved our articles about how to remove stains from stuffed animals¬†and also how to clean giant stuffed animals that you can’t fit in a washing machine.

Amongst the practical advices you also liked the tips on how to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear. Another reader’s favorite are the tips on how to clean stuffed animals from bedbugs.

And what is to do when your stuffies are all cleaned up? It is time for grooming, of course. The tips on how to make the fur on a stuffie fluffy again, are a must.

Also, some science got involved. Science explained why we love stuffed animals as much as we do.

In the end, last but not least, people like to read about crazy and weird things. So the news for this twerking teddy bear toy took the cake easily.

We are already looking forward to 2016 and the lots and lots of new stuffed animals, toys and news about them. Be sure to stay tuned to to catch all of the latest. Plus, we have some special new stuff planned for you from next month and hopefully going forward. It’s going to be a fun year so we hope you will share it with us!