Check out the Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed animal review

Check out the Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed animal reviewThe new stuffed animal company Jungle Plush is back with its second stuffed dinosaur. We have the Apatosaurus up for a special full review.

A while back we reviewed Jungle Plush’s first ever stuffed dinosaur, the T-Rex. Now we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the company’s second toy – the Apatosaurus.

We were quite pleased with the T-Rex. It is well made, with quality materials and it was well designed. The company had to keep up the good work and the high level it set itself with the Apatosaurus. So, let’s see if it stacks up well to the T-Rex.

As with the T-Rex, Jungle Plush has designed their Apatosauris to be as close as representation as possible to the actual dinosaur, but with more friendly and joyful colors. The stuffed dinosaur comes with a special tag. On it you will find out additional information about the real Apatosaurus. This also follows Jungle Plush’s original goal of mixing the stuffed toys with actual knowledge.

Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed animal review

Compared to the plush T-Rex, the plush Apatosaurus is roughly the same size, but longer. The quality of the stuffed animal is very good once again. All of the details are embroidered on and there are no items that can be torn off.

Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed dinosaur

The dinosaur can stand on its own and is well balanced. The stuffing is also very evenly placed and keeps its form well. This is especially challenging for the neck and tail as both are being propped up by stuffing alone. There is no metal frame or any hard parts inside the toy to help it keep its form which is a great accomplishment.

Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed dinosaur

The Apatosaurus features realistic paws as well. They are different for the front and back, as they were on the real dinosaur. The seams all over the toy are very well done. The materials are very soft and huggable.

Jungle Plush Apatosaurus

The toy features two sewn on tags with information about it, as the T-Rex did, too. Overall, the Jungle Plush Apatosaurus is a great stuffed animal. It is a very good successor to the T-Rex (both plushies are still available). It also sets up the company for an interesting third and fourth stuffed dinosaurs which it is developing at this very moment.

Jungle Plush Apatosaurus stuffed animal

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