Check out our plush Crocodile Gena going for a drive (video)

Check out our plush Crocodile Gena going for a drive (video)

Crocodile Gena is a popular character from a 60s Russian book and then form several animated films. He also has a stuffed toy version which sings and drives.

Well, the plush Crocodile Gena isn’t really driving. Not all of them at least. But our own plush Crocodile Gena did go for a drive recently and took us to keep him company.

If you don’t know Gena then here is a quick recap of who he is. Gena the Crocodile made his debut in 1966’s novel Gena the Crocodile and His Friends by Eduard Uspensky.

The story shows us a 50 year old Gena who works in a zoo as an attraction. In his spare time he plays the garmon and loves to sing. This is why he sings while he drives, too. And he sings his most famous song, known simply as Gena the Crocodile’s Song. The text is about birthdays and Gena sings that it is “Such a pity that one’s birthday happens only once a year”.

Gena is one of the most beloved Russian fictional characters. Over the years there have been many toys and games with Gena. Amongst them is this singing plush Crocodile Gena by Fancy. It also has a wire frame to help the toy stand, sit and move its’ legs and hands. Gena is very friendly and very cute. He is always ready to help and to have fun.

So here is Gena, going for a drive. He is a professional driver, so don’t do this unless you are a professional driver, too.