Check out more from the 21st Teddy Bear Artist Invitational (video)

Check out more from the 21st Teddy Bear Artist Invitational (video)The Teddy Bear Artist Invitational is going strong in Binghamton, NY. There are many visitors and tons of teddy bears in different pieces. Let’s check them out!

This is the 21st annual Teddy Bear Artist Invitational. It is going on at the Grand Ballroom of the DoubleTree Hotel on Water Street, WBNG Binghamton reports. Artists, vendors and collectors from all over took part to show of their works.

“People have brought all this work together at one place, and you get to see it person — feel it, touch it, pick it up, hold it,” said Ginger Brame, owner of The Peace Parade — a company that makes teddy bears. “You would be overwhelmed with how many different expressions there are in the pieces and how much the artists have put into their work.”

Jackie Malerski is the owner of Gilmur Ruddley Teddy Bears. She says her struggles with health issues throughout her life have not stopped her passion for designing and crafting stuffed animals.“Animals drive me to that feeling of complete love and that’s how I like to create,” Malerski said.

She also adds that when other people appreciate her work, that feeling is unmatched. “It humbles me every time”, she says when people explore her creations and give her positive feedback. We bet the stuffies feel great, too.

The 21st Teddy Bear Artist Invitational features fun pieces and dioramas, lots of stuffies for sale and you can get tips from the participants on how to make your own artist pieces, how to maintain or improve your stuffed animals and many more.

Also half of the proceeds from the sold teddy bears will be donated to the Ross Park Zoo. You can check out more from the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational right here.

But before that, here is the latest video from the event: