Chattanooga Zoo starts an Animal of the Month Club

Chattanooga Zoo starts an Animal of the Month ClubWant to learn more about real animals and help taking care of them? Chattanooga Zoo has started an Animal of the Month Club that will allow you to do so.

With the Chattanooga Zoo Animal of the Month Club you can participate in helping the zoo raise funds and keep it going. You will also receive a plush toy of the animal of the month. That means you will get a total of 12 stuffed animals, along with other stuff.

There are three levels of membership which differ on the duration of your participation. For example the three month membership will cost 250 dollars. For six months you will have to pay 400 dollars and 600 for a full year.

“Our mission is to connect people with wildlife. Through this program, we are able to provide educational information about a specific animal each month for club members to learn more about the animal in hopes of a true connection when visiting the animals at the zoo”, says Darde Long, CEO and president of the zoo to

Additional bonuses for long time club members will include a special painting drawn by one of the animals in the zoo. Members will also receive certificates for membership and “wild encounter”. Along with that they will be able to learn more about the animals of the month and other info about the zoo.

The Chattanooga Zoo Animal of the Month Club is underway from the beggining of 2015. The animal of the month for January is the Komodo Dragon.

Chattanooga Zoo has quite a few other initiatives like Sponsor an Animal, Member of the zoo and etc. The Animal of the Month Club is another great addition. This shows there are ways to help zoos offer the best possible accommodation for the animals.

Also be sure to make a few pictures of the received plush animals with their real counterparts.