Celebrating the annual Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Celebratiing Plush Animal Lover's DayEach year on October 28th we celebrate the Plush Animal Lover’s Day. It is the day in which we all express our love for the best toys. It is also the day we remember all of our adventures together throughout the years and have some more fun.

Of course for any fan of stuffed animals every day is Plush Animal Lover’s Day. We have fun with our stuffies all the time and we don’t need special encouragement to do so. But the day is still very important. It is a great way to get the hobby some popularity and show the power plush animals can have.

The importance of Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Many people like stuffed animals. Most break their connection with them as time rolls by and they grow up. But they all still have their memories with them.

Also studies have shown that a lot of people, mainly men, like to bring a teddy bear with them as they travel abroad. Students in colleges do it too. Abby Castillo-Hernandez for example keeps her teddy bear at hand.“It was the first one I had,” she says to.The Shorthorn “Then I kept getting more bears. I still have that one.”

For Tara Wyatt stuffed animals represented and built her imaginary world. In it stuffies were grown-ups and they could do everything she couldn’t do, she says.

As Abby puts it very well, plush animals are memories”. “Knowing that it has always been there, how are you going to just throw it away?”

We know how. You simply do not. Instead you keep adding more plush toys. And you keep adding more and more memories.

Plush Animal Lover’s Day is a day when you can have some extra fun and boost the popularity of the hobby. Maybe take a stuffie to the office or participate in some stuffed animal activities or a teddy bear picnic. Show that you’re a great stuffed animals owner.

Little is known about the origin of Plush Animal Lover’s Day. There are no hard facts pointing to a certain year or a person who started the tradition. That doesn’t stop it from slowly getting traction though.

An urban legend says Plush Animal Lover’s Day is closely tied with the creation of Teddy Bear Picnics. That idea was brought up by collectibles dealer Royal Selangor in the late eighties. Some people didn’t like the idea of using only teddy bears and wanted to show appreciation for all kinds of plush animals so they came up with that day.

Whatever the case today both Teddy Bear Picnics and Plush Animal Lover’s Day have their rightful part. So have fun and share your adventures here or in our forum.