Petsies makes plush toy versions of your favorite pets

Some celebrity pets on Instagram are so cute, you want to hug them. Or maybe you want a memento of your real pet. Petsies makes plush toy versions of them. Petsies is a new company which makes handmade custom stuffed … Continued

12-year-old boy makes teddy bears for sick children

Meet Campbell Remess. He’s 12 years old from Tasmania and has a great hobby. He spends his time making teddy bears which he donates to sick children. He started making teddy bears three years ago. Now he has made over … Continued

Blog: You’re not too old for stuffed animals

Let’s cut right to the chase. You’re not too old for stuffed animals. No one is. It doesn’t matter if you just keep one teddy bear or a whole collection. This site has been going strong for two full years … Continued

A teddy bear hospital opens doors in Australia

Does your teddy bear need a check-up or something to be fixed? James Cook University in Townsville, Australia opened its Teddy Bear Hospital to help you out. The James Cook University Teddy Bear Hospital is now officially open. It came … Continued

Fluffmonger eco-friendly stuffed animals get their own book

Fluffmonger is a brand for eco-friendly stuffed animals. They are now planning their own book which will showcase the backstory of each fluffy character. Jenny Maj is the founder of Fluffmonger in Greensboro. So far she is the only one … Continued

How to remove stickers from stuffed animals

Children often like to “decorate” their toys with stickers. This includes stuffed animals which don’t really like stickers. Here’s how to remove them. First, be careful and patient. Stickers are especially tough to remove from stuffed animals because of their … Continued

Six cool ways to store your stuffed animals

If there is ever a problem due to stuffed animals is the question of where to keep them all. That can be a challenge if you have a quite a few stuffies. One thing is for sure, your collection of … Continued

How we saved our plush penguin from mold

You may have seen him before. This is one of our favorite stuffies. The stuffed penguin is very old and suffered from mold. Here’s how we saved him. Later this year he will turn 30 years old. He was made … Continued

Soon you will be able to create and make any stuffed animal at home

Ever wanted to be able to make any stuffed animal you desire? Thanks to a new technology by Disney Research this may be possible sooner than you think. Making a stuffed animal yourself can be tricky. You need to know … Continued