Eugene retirement facility makes 10 000 teddy bears to donate to kids

Teddy bears are much needed in tough times. They can help a lot by bringing comfort and warmth. This is why the people at a retirement facility in Eugene spend a lot of their time to make teddy bears for … Continued

Blast Around makes motorized rideable stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are not only for cuddling. Blast Around is a company that takes huge stuffed animals and gives them a motor and wheels. Sounds fun! Andrew Renz created Blast Around after one of his friends saw such rideable stuffed … Continued

A spike of dust mites causes winter allergies – what to do with your stuffies

Are you sneezing quite a lot lately and you’re not sick? The problem might be dust mites. There’s a recent spike of them which can cause winter allergies. According to MD Michael Steven Blaiss for Everyday Health, there is such … Continued

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is overflowing with work

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is having such a high demand it can’t cope. Alice’s Bear Shop shows people do really care about their stuffed animals. The shop is the place to go if your stuffed animals need … Continued

Blog: Yay or nay on stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day

Stuffed animals remain one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. They go along with chocolates, wine and flowers. But some people hate it. Believe it or not, there are quite a few such people. They either don’t like … Continued

How to make a crochet stuffed lion

Here’s another cute little stuffed animal you can create yourself. It’s a small amigurumi style crochet stuffed lion. Small enough to be everywhere with you. Amigurumi is a Japanese style of crocheting which features making really small objects, yet well … Continued

The evolution of stuffed animals from rough toys to realistic cuddly friends

Over the decades the stuffed animals have evolved quite a lot. At first they were a bit crude and rough looking. Now they are soft, cuddly and realistic. In fact, toy companies put quite a lot of effort in improving … Continued

Petsies makes plush toy versions of your favorite pets

Some celebrity pets on Instagram are so cute, you want to hug them. Or maybe you want a memento of your real pet. Petsies makes plush toy versions of them. Petsies is a new company which makes handmade custom stuffed … Continued

12-year-old boy makes teddy bears for sick children

Meet Campbell Remess. He’s 12 years old from Tasmania and has a great hobby. He spends his time making teddy bears which he donates to sick children. He started making teddy bears three years ago. Now he has made over … Continued

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