How to store stuffed animals in a fun, creative way

Stuffed animals love to party. Hence the name of our site. But the do NOT like when the party ends and it’s time to go back to the toy chest or cupboard. Most kids also don’t like that part. But … Continued

91-year-old grandmother has knitted more than 8000 teddy bears for charity

Everyone has hobbies. The hobby of 91-year-old Phyllis Reeve is quite noble. She has knitted over 8000 teddy bears over the past 22 years. All of them are going to charities and kids in need, the Metro reports. Reeve volunteers … Continued

How to make your very own plush squirrel

One of the best things about our hobby is that you can actually create your very own stuffed animals. All you need is some colorful fabric, thread, needle and imagination and creativity. Here’s how you can make your own plush … Continued

Edmonton woman knits dozens of teddy bears for children in need for Christmas

An elderly woman from Edmonton has a great way to keep herself busy. She is knitting teddy bears for children in need for Christmas. And she makes lots of the toys, reports. Marcelle Jamieson is creating dozens of knitted … Continued

Build-A-Bear will have a special celebration of the National Teddy Bear Day

Did you know that more than half of adults keep their favorite teddy bear? Build-A-Bear issued a survey for the National Teddy Bear Day celebrations. And the company is also preparing a special celebration for all fans of teddy bears … Continued

How to make your own plush superhero

Making your own plush toys can be quite fun. Especially if you want to create something unique. Like your very own plush superhero, for example. You can make that happen. All you need are some colorful fabrics, a general idea … Continued

Now you can make your own robotic teddy bears

A part of every hobby is the custom creation of something. In the case of collecting stuffed animals – making a custom teddy bear or other plushie. Companies like Build-A-Bear and Budsies make this process very simple. But what if you … Continued

This custom plushie is the scariest teddy bear you will ever see

Beware, this teddy bear is NOT for kids. It’s for Stephen King’s adult fans and it’s the scariest teddy bear you will ever see. IT (hint) really is. IT was made by Quiet Room Bears and it’s called Pennywise. Now those … Continued