The first ever cafe for stuffed animals just opened in Japan and you’re not allowed in

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In Japan people love stuffed animals. They love the so much they now have a special cafe just for stuffed animals in which humans are not allowed in. RocketNews 24 reports. The Yawarakan’s Cafe is situated in Tokyo and will … Continued

Levi’s will let people recycle their old clothes and use them for stuffed animals

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Levi’s has announced a new program which will let people bring back and recycle their old clothes. The fabrics will be used for stuffed animals and other items, QUARTZ reports. The idea is simple, but ambitious. Levi’s will allow customers … Continued

Can a baby sleep with stuffed animals in the crib

Stuffed animals are very cute and we all love them. But it turns out they could be somewhat dangerous if a baby sleeps with them in the crib. Or is it so? According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the … Continued