Glasgow Airport launches a special campaign to reunite lost stuffed animals with their owners

A lot of kids lose or forget their stuffed animals at the airport. Glasgow Airport wants to help them with a special new campaign to find the owners. It turns out left behind stuffed animals is quite a common occurrence.  … Continued

Costco is selling a huge 93-inch tall teddy bear in the UK

Do you want another teddy bear? Of course you do. How about a giant one? A whole 93-inch tall teddy bear? There’s one back at the Costco in Birmingham. Costco has a tradition in which it releases the huge teddy … Continued

Merrythought has big plans for its teddy bear future

Branded and themed stuffed toys are gaining popularity. And they are always a great way to mark a big occasion. Merrythought is going to use that. Merrythought recently did an order for 1000 handcrafter ponies. Each of them sported an Fair … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds Pokemon’s Meowth to its toy line

Build-A-Bear is ramping up the new toy releases. The company also added the Pokemon Team Rocket’s mascot Meowth to its line along with a few accessories. Meowth is already in the Build-A-Bear Workshops and there’s also a special online exclusive … Continued

Valiant will offer a Bloodshot Bear by Build-A-Bear

Valiant is expanding its toy merchandise with a new addition. It will offer a Bloodshot Bear which is made by Build-A-Bear and it’ll be a limited edition. The special new bear will debut during the New York Comic Con 2017. … Continued

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