US senator wants better control over smart stuffed animals and toys

A while back the Cloud Pets smart stuffed animals were hacked. A US senator is still raising the subject and wants better control and security for the toys. Senator Mark Warner sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking … Continued

Imperfect hearts makes special teddy bears with mental illnesses

Imperfect hearts is a stuffed animal company by Figen Murray. It makes special teddy bears with mental illnesses to raise awareness and help others. Murray is a mental health counselor from Manchester, England. She has seen a lot in her … Continued

Authorities recall thousands of stuffed animals over choking hazard

About 25 000 stuffed animal by Douglas have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The reason? The toys pose a choking hazard. Douglas received two reports of plastic eyes that detached or loosened from the stuffed animals. Happily, … Continued

11-year-old boy hacked a teddy bear to show the importance of cybersecurity

Technology brings a lot of benefits to our lives, but also some perils. The problem is most people don’t realize just how important cybersecurity is. But 11-year-old Reuben Paul from Austin, Texas knows that. And wants to send a message … Continued

Golden Bear among the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

Stuffed animal maker Golden Bear just got a big milestone. The London Stock Exchange Group named it among its 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. Yes, that’s right. A toy company that makes stuffed animals can inspire a whole nation. We’ve … Continued

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