Stuffed animals help a boy with autism to communicate

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Autism is a very serious issue that most people don’t really know how to tackle. It turns out stuffed animals can be of help as they have done for one boy. Robert Walker from Canada suffers from autism. When he … Continued

A lost stuffed tiger had an epic adventure at the Tampa International Airport

Some stuffed animals have more luck than others. Especially the stuffed tiger Hobbes a boy left behind at the Tampa International Airport which had a lot of fun. Six-year-old Owen Lake was already aboard a flight to Houston earlier this … Continued

Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys hit the stores earlier

The lines of Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys are hitting the stores earlier due to unprecedented consumer demand, the company Golden Bear has announced. Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee will be based on the TV series that airs on CBeebies. The … Continued