Pittsburgh announced a Teddy Bear Drive for children in need

Pittsburg has announced a new Teddy Bear Drive initiative which is aiming to raise stuffed animals for children in need. Here is how you can help. Councilman Dan Gilman and Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Chief Cameron McLay announced the joint … Continued

A young girl needs funding for her Snuggly Stuffies charity project

A young girl is currently seeking funding for her special Snuggly Stuffies charity project. They will bring needed comfort to kids in hospitals. Callie Miller is from Champaign, Illinois. A few years ago she’s had major surgery and found out … Continued

Travelling Toys Project takes stuffed animals on a trip around the world

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The Travelling Toys Project is an interesting idea of bringing along stuffed animals for a trip around the world. It starts from Toronto’s Union Station. The Travelling Toys Project is the brainchild of McKenna Deighton. She started it as a … Continued

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company launches new Custom Plush line

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The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is launching a new Custom Plush line. As the name suggests, it’s making customized stuffed animals for all occasions. The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company has been around for about 20 years now. It … Continued

Here’s why children latch on to stuffed animals and blankets

It’s almost like a tradition for children to latch on to stuffed animals, blankets or something similar. There is a scientific reason for that. Back in the 1950s, English pediatrician and psychiatrist Donald Winnicott first coined the term “transitional object,” … Continued

How to reduce the risk of allergies because of stuffed animals

Stuffed animals can sometimes be a reason for allergies. They can carry dust mites or other allergens. A few simple tips can help you stay healthy. We all love stuffed animals. They are cute, cuddly and fun. But their fur … Continued