Here are the winners at the 2018 Toy of the Year Awards

The 2018 Toy of the Year Awards once again brought attention to the most interesting and popular toys. The Awards actually are quite a lot and cover many toy categories. And here they are. If you want to find out … Continued

Are the Beanie Babies still profitable collectibles? Does it matter?

The Beanie Babies were the 90s stuffed animal classic. People loved them so much. Many were flocking to stores and waiting in long lines just to get one. And many hoped they will be able to resell them for a … Continued

Why fans throw stuffed animals onto the ice during figure skating

If you watch the 2018 Winter Olympics and in particular the figure skating, you’ve noticed that fans sometimes throw stuffed animals onto the ice. It’s actually a type of a teddy bear toss just like in hockey. There are some … Continued

Students make hundreds of stuffed animals for sick children

School students have a lot of various activities to do with their free time. The students at the York Comprehensive High School prefer to use this time to make stuffed animals for sick children, the Herald Online reports. The students … Continued

The Powerpuff Girls debut new toy lines at the New York Toy Fair

Cartoon Network announced several new toy lines for popular characters. Among them are the Powerpuff Girls which get new toys and LEGO playsets. The toys debuted during the 2018 New York Toy Fair. Joining the Powerpuff Girls with new toys … Continued