Margot Robbie reveals she still sleeps with her childhood stuffed animal

It’s a popular fact that many adults still sleep with their childhood stuffed animals. Among them is none other than Margot Robbie. On a recent episode of W magazine’s podcast Five Things With Lynn Hirschberg, Robbie revealed that she still … Continued

The Spokane Chefs’ fans put on a record Teddy Bear Toss for their team

The Spokane Chiefs hockey team also had a good teddy bear toss event this year. It may be smaller than the big teams, but it still set a local record. This weekend the Spokane Chiefs won their game and had … Continued

All Elite Wrestling also prepares a lot of new toys

Wrestling merchandise is as popular as ever. Especially with the new kid on the block in the face of All Elite Wrestling. And the company is not waiting around. According to the wrestling website “Heel by Nature” All Elite Wrestling … Continued

The first wave of Baby Yoda toys hit the markets

After becoming an instant viral hit, Baby Yoda now will enjoy the benefits of his popularity. The first wave of toys is hitting the market. Most of them are pre-sales and pre-orders. But that’s enough to get the fans going … Continued