Canadian surgeon operates on a teddy bear on a special request

Canadian surgeon operates on a teddy bear on a special requestTeddy bears hold a special place in our hearts. Especially for kids. A 8 year old boy in Canada had to be operated, but before that he had a special request, the BBC reports.

The boy was just heading into surgery when he asked the doctor, Daniel McNeely, if he could also fix his beloved teddy bear. The bear, called Little Baby, also needed help.

“How could I say no?”, Dr McNeely writes. So, he agreed and decided to check up the bear.

The doctor found that there was indeed a problem with Little Baby – a small tear in the underarm. So, he gave Little Baby a small oxygen mask and started to work on it.

The boy was very happy that his little furry friend was better. Afterwards Little Baby stayed at the boy’s side as always. His operation was also successful and both are now recovering well.

Needless to say, the boy’s family are very grateful to the doctor and his team. “He was so proud. He had Little Baby laying up in the hospital bed with him and everything,” the boys’s father Rick McKie told the CBC.

It’s a small gesture, but one that has a very powerful effect. And it’s also very touching.