Can you bring your stuffed animal to college?

Can you bring your stuffed animal to college?Packing your bags for college? Congratulations. Don’t foget to bring your stuffed animal too. Sure you can. And we will tell you why you should do it.

Stuffed animals are great comfort objects. This means you can rely on them to always be there when you need some love. They will calm you down during and after a scary movie, they will help you get to sleep after a long and difficult day. They are just a great thing to look at and bring you a smile when you need it.

Stuffed animals can also help with stress and depression. Both are common occurances in college life especially at the begining when it is all so new and unknown.

“But… I will be seen as a dork…” you may say. Katie Peikes from The Muhlenberg Weekly has already gone that road. She too was worried that people will laugh at her when they see her not one, but three stuffed animals that she brought with her to college.

Turns out she was wrong. Her roommates had brought stuffed animals too. “In the first week of this school year, my roommates and I piled the collective of our stuffed animals onto a bed, and took a photo. We have over 20 stuffed animals in total”, Peikes writes.

Sure, some freshmen had the urge to “play” with her stuffies by throwing them around or to try to make practical jokes by hiding one of the stuffed animals. But by her senior year, Katie had more than six stuffed animals in her room. A roommate of hers even gave her another stuffie for Christmas.

So as you can see there is no reason why you should not bring your stuffed animal to college. Maybe even more than one. As long as you keep them in your room, there is nothing to worry about.

“In fact, you’ll have a piece of home with you at school, and perhaps more importantly, a huge part of your childhood. What’s wrong with that?” asks Katie. Absolutely nothing, we answer.