Can toys be scary? For sure.

Can toys be scary? For sure.Most people don’t really like to be scared. But Halloween is the one day of the year when being spooked is seen as fun and entertaining.

Is that really being spooked, though? Not really. Over the years Halloween has become more of a kids’ holiday with fun costumes and lots of candy.

It’s also all about Halloween decorations in and around the house. There’s nothing wrong with all that, even if it’s mostly just another way for you to spend money.

Toys often play a big role in Halloween. It’s a day when everything can be found as scary and creepy. Even the cutest stuffed animal you have.

How is that possible? Simple. A bit of traditional Halloween decorations, some mood lighting and placing a cute stuffed animal somewhere could be the final touch. It’ll be like the cute kid in horror movies which turns out to be the ghost for example.

Of course, there are some toys which are popular for being scary. The original Teddy Ruxpin for example. Or a Furby with dying batteries… There are also plenty of action figures of monsters, Ghost Busters toys and so much more. So, yes, toys can be scary. Sometimes that is intentional, sometimes – it’s not.