Caitec prepares a new HERO Chuckles plush toy line for dogs

Caitec prepares a new HERO Chuckles plush toy line for dogsNot only humans love stuffed animals. Some animals are quite fond of them, too. Many dogs are among them. So, Caitec has prepared something special for them. A new HERO Chuckles plush toy line which is especially created for dogs.

The new line will debut at this year’s SuperZoo event. Caitec will have its own booth at the event.

The new plush toys are made out of durable materials and feature bright colors and patterns. They will come in 4 characters – pig, alligator, monkey and a hippo.

The initial run of these stuffed animals will come in a 9 in. x 5 in. size, with smaller sizes coming soon. Each character contains the new, patented Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is a unique device that has three distinct sounds including a crunch, squeak and a chuckle, all contained within a protective tube for added safety, Pet Business reports.

“HERO Chuckles is yet another example of how we are pushing the innovation envelope at Caitec,” said Terry Gao, president of Caitec. “We are entering the plush market with a line that is completely different in look, feel and most importantly – sound, compared to any other plush available.”

So, if your dog has always liked to “play” with your stuffed animals, now he or she will have a very special one. One that’s going to be all for her or him and will make their time much more fun.