Build-A-Bear will offer special Valentine’s Day scented stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear will offer special Valentine's Day scented stuffed animalsValentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to choose a special gift for your loved one. Build-A-Bear hopes you will like the new scented stuffed animals.

The new line of toys has been just unveiled by the company. The teddy bears will smell of candy and, as always, you can choose a variety of clothes and accessories to personalize them.

You could make a stuffed animal that is dressed in a favorite style of your loved one. Or make them to represent you both. The possibilities are endless.

TheĀ scented stuffed animals add three new characters to the Build-A-Bear line. They are called Sweet Hugs Heart Bear, Sweet Hugs Swirl Bear and Sweet Hugs Pup. A lot of sweetness going on.

The stuffed animals smell of candy thanks to a company Celessence Technologies. They have made microcapsules that release the scent upon touch of the fur of the teddy bear. What this means is that the fragrance lasts a lot longer.

Each scentedĀ Build-A-Bear stuffed animal can be personalized with all other accessories, including sound chips. What this means is that you can record a personalized message to the sound chip which will play upon squeezing the toy. There’s also the option to add personalized Valentine’s Day hearts that the toys can hold and proudly display a message for your loved one.