Build-A-Bear will launch Doctor Who teddy bears

Build-A-Bear will launch Doctor Who teddy bearsBuild-A-Bear continues to expand on its movie-related franchises. The company announced it’s launching a new range of Doctor Who teddy bears.

Build-A-Bear has a partnership with BBC Studios for the new range. The specially branded bears will feature blue paw pads, and a blue heart on the chest.

The classic Time Lord look can been completed with a Thirteenth Doctor or Tenth Doctor outfit. Both versions will have the complete outfits.

Each bear will also come along with a sonic screwdriver and a special TARDIS gift box. The new range is already out in the UK. The Doctor Who Bear is available online now for £21.50, with outfits and accessories starting at £8. It will make its way to the US by the end of the month, as well.