Build-A-Bear will hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week

Build-A-Bear will hold its first "Pay Your Age Day" this weekHere’s an interesting idea to keep toys popular amongst the youngest. Build-A-Bear is going to hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week.

The event is going to be this Thursday, CBS News reported. The Build-A-Bear Workshop stores will sell the toys for as much as the person buying them is old.

So, parents getting teddy bears for theirĀ 1-year-olds, will spend exactly $1 for a teddy bear. Considering that most Build-A-Bears are between $25 and $40 that’s quite the deal.

So, that’s a great idea to sell toys to kids. But what about those bigger-age kids amongst us? If you are 60, does that mean you will actually pay more?

No, not at all. Build-A-Bear is putting an age cap of 30. This means the top price anyone will pay on that day is $29 no matter their real age.

To take part, however, parents or guardians must enroll in a no-cost Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program by giving the retailer a valid email address and name. If there’s a line on Thursday, stores will let customers buy a stuffed animal and come back another time to “build” it when the workshop is less hectic.

The special event includes only stores in the US and Canada. It also includes all product lines, including the branded ones with popular movie characters. So, if you’ve always wanted that Darth Vader Bear, now may be the time to get it. If it’s in stock, of course.