Build-a-Bear unveils new Beauty and the Beast stuffed animals

Build-a-Bear expands its line of stuffed animals with new additions from Disney. They are the new Beauty and the Beast special teddy bears.

Beauty and the Beast will be one of Disney’s big movies this year. The company will release the first live-action movie which is a remake of the original animated classic.

As you can expect, the movie will bring a long quite a lot of new toys and stuffed animals. Among them are the new creations by Build-A-Bear.

They feature two new bears and two new outfits. The first bear is the Beast. It looks like a mix of the scary Beast and a cute teddy bear. It also features the company logo on one paw and the movie’s logo on the other paws.

The company will also offer the Beast’s tuxedo suit. You will be able to get only it to dress up other teddy bears, too.

Belle’s teddy bear on the other hand is much cuter. She also features the logos and styled eyes. This teddy bear is much more bear-like. Of course, the company will offer Belle’s classic dress in teddy bear size.

The toys will be out in time for the movie which debuts this March. So, keep an eye out!