Build-A-Bear unveils new 50th Anniversary Star Trek teddy bears

Build-A-Bear unveils new 50th Anniversary Star Trek teddy bearsBuild-A-Bear is celebrating Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary with a special line of teddy bears. The milestone is this September, but the company is ready now.

The legendary sci-fi series is going to have a big celebration with countless of new toys. There are new Barbie dolls, even a cosmetics line and many more.

Of course, there is something for the fans of stuffed animals as well. Build-A-Bear is going to release new Star Trek-themed teddy bears and accessories for them. Naturally, you will be able to customize the toys however you want.

The teddy bears are inspired by the original 1960s TV Series. The Mr. Spock teddy bear comes with classic pointed Vulcan ears and a phaser. The bear wears the classic blue uniform. Another teddy bear is wearing a gold shirt to play Captain Kirk. You can also get your hands on bears with red shirts from Voyager.

Classic Build-A-Bear

As you can expect, there is also a classic Build-A-Bear teddy which is themed for Star Trek. The bear is black with a gold starfleet logo on the shirt. It also features the Star Trek logo on one of its paws while the other one has the 50th Anniversary logo. This bear can also be personalized with different accessories as you see fit.

The new Build-A-Bear Star Trek 50th Anniversary line is already out. The classic bear is $25 while the special editions come at $52 and $55. The additional uniforms are $15 a pop. There is also a sound module which you can add to a bear. It features the classic Star Trek theme.