Build-A-Bear unveils its new line of Monster Mixters plushies

Build-A-Bear unveils its new line of Monster Mixters plushiesBuild-A-Bear Workshop has unveiled its new line of plush animals and stuffed toys. It’s called Monster Mixters and it will allow you to create your monster.

This toy line is unique in the sense it gives you even more customization options. If you thought you have plenty of options when building your own bear, now you have a lot more.

Monster Mixters will allow fans to get a set of two bodies, four different legs and four arms. You can also get additional feet, wings, hands, sound chip, costumes and etc.

The Monster Mixters are here

You already get the drift. All parts are interchangeable and you can connect them to each body. Thus you can really let your creative mind loose and create the most unique monster.

Online shoppers have the option of using the Build Your Mixter tool. It allows you to create the Monster you want virtually and see how it will look before you order it. The sets will also be on offer in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

If they catch on with the fans, there will be even more characters and options added. Also, this is the first own line of Build-A-Bear. So far the company was staying close to popular characters, but now it feels it is time for something entirely new.