Build-A-Bear unveiled new Finding Dory collection of stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear unveiled new Finding Dory collection of stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear has commemorated the release of Disney’s Finding Dory with a new collection of themed stuffed animals from the movie. The line features teddy bears and stuffed fish toys.

There are 10 items in the new collection. There is a Finding Dory Ocean Bear. It is a classic Build-A-Bear teddy bear which has a blue ocean plush theme.

The bear is 17-inches tall and can be personalized with the company’s wide range of additional clothes and accessories. The teddy features a Finding Dory logo on one paw.

Build-A-Bear Finding Dory stuffed toy

Making the teddy company are Dory and Nemo in classic fish form. These are 18-inch plush toys which represent the original characters from the movie. Dory has a scale-like texture and yellow fins while Nemo is orange with lots of details.

There is also a version of both Dory and Nemo with sound modules. Each modules features five phrases from the movie. The regular plushies will cost $25 while the versions with sound modules are $32. They are already on Build-A-Bear’s online store.

Build-A-Bear Finding Dory Nemo

The Finding Dory collection also features a set of 4-inch Mini Dory & Nemo Wristies. They each have an elastic band that can be wrapped around your furry friend’s paw.

The new line also has four clothes for other Build-A-Bear stuffies and for additional personalization. There is a Finding Dory T-Shirt for teddy bears, a Dory Hoodie and Nemo swim trunks, all for bears. There is also a Nemo hoodie complete with holes for the ears of the teddy bear. All items are already available.