Build-A-Bear stuffed animals get a mobile app

Build-A-Bear stuffed animals get a mobile appSome of the new stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear are about to be linked to a mobile app. It will provide extra features and help taking care of the toys.

The mobile app is part of the new line of stuffed animals called Promise Pet. It will allow the owners of the toys to have a so-called “realistic pet ownership experience”. If you eveh had a Tamagochi as a kid, this may seem familiar.

The app will give specific tasks and instructions on how to take good care of the stuffed animal it is being linked to. It will say when it is time to feed, groom and play with your stuffed friend. The better you care about the stuffie, the more points you will receive. The goal is to earn the top rating which is called “Pet Care Pro”.

Build-A-Bear stuffed animals get a mobile app

This new Promise Pet line features another change in Build-A-Bear’s line too. The line is modeled after dogs and cats. The new Promised Pets are modeled after cat and dog breeds including Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Yorkshire Terriers and Persian Kittens. More breeds will be added later this year.

“In line with our strategic product expansion initiative to create play beyond the plush, our Promise Pets interactive app provides a platform to teach children the importance of animal welfare and responsibility for their care,” chief marketing officer Gina Collins says in a statement.

The first two toys from the line are already out. It is the Beagle and a Persian Kitty. You can still customize them in the typical Build-A-Bear fashion. Then you install the app and start taking care of your new stuffed animal.