Build-A-Bear releases Thor and Hulk teddy bears and costumes

Build-A-Bear releases Thor and Hulk teddy bears and costumesBuild-A-Bear is adding two new movie-inspired teddy bears to its collection. They are made after Thor and Hulk and come with new costumes, too.

The two new teddy bears are already in the online store of Build-A-Bear. They’re also hopefully¬†going to make their way to the Workshops. For now, they’re online exclusives.

The Thor teddy bear is coming in time for the Thor Ragnarok movie which will debut in less than a month. The cute bear is rocking Thor’s full costume, hammer and cape included.

The bear also has Thor’s helmet which looks like it’s sewed on. “The mighty Thor controls thunder and lightning with his enchanted hammer. Thor Bear has soft brown fur that features his built-in costume, in addition to his hammer Mjolnir on his left paw. Save the day with this heroic furry friend!”, Build-A-Bear says.

Build-A-Bear Hulk teddy bear

The Hulk teddy bear is a bit more… unusual. The bear is mostly green and has its paws in a pair of big fists, ready to rumble. The fists are actually add-ons.¬†The actual face and ears of the bear though are very… beary, if a bit angry.

“”Hulk Smash! This muscular furry friend features a built-in Hulk costume with a super cool Hulk graphic on its left paw pad. Add sounds and accessories to your Hulk Bear to make the perfect unique gift!”, says Build-A-Bear.

Both bears come with all the accessories. The Hulk Hands are $5 extra, though. And you can order both bears with their own 5-in-1 sound modules if you want to give them some voice.