Build-A-Bear releases Psyduck to mark the release of Detective Pikachu

Build-A-Bear releases Psyduck to mark the release of Detective PikachuPokemon fans of stuffed animals can finally rejoice. Psyduck is coming in plush form for them thanks to Build-A-Bear just in time for Detective Pikachu.

The cute and quirky platypus is one of the weirdest Pokemons out there. Psyduck experiences strong headaches and because of them he has psychic powers.

But he can’t remember what has happened after the effect wears off. So, he’s often left wandering what happened and why. And he often feels strange.

Now Build-A-Bear is releasing a plush Psyduck and he comes along with Snubbull. Both are coming to mark the release of Detective Pikachu.

As with basically all other Build-A-Bear releases, Psyduck also comes with some special accessories. The special bundle has his own raincoat, luxury ball hoodie and an exclusive trading card. There’s also a sound module with 6 different versions of how he says his name.

The bundle is $65. You can also get only the plushie which is $32. And then you can also add accessories you want, if you want any. Both Psyduck and Snubbull are only available as online exclusives.