Build-A-Bear releases new Guardians of the Galaxy stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear releases new Guardians of the Galaxy stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear is back with some new additions to its stuffed animals collection. The company introduced new Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears.

The new line of Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears features several additions. Among them are five 8-inch tall bears from the Mega Minis series.

The line features ¬†Gamora, Groot, Drax, Rocket, and Star-Lord. All of these stuffies cost $10 each. But don’t worry, there’s more!

Build-A-Bear also releases a line of full-sized stuffed animals. Among them is Rocket Racoon and Groot. Both are about $25 a pop, but Groot is an online exclusive. He comes with a sound module.

Build-a-Bear Groot

As always, special costumes come along with the toys which you can use to dress up any Build-a-Bear teddy bear. There are also teddy bear T-shirts and two-piece costumes.

Also joining the line is Baby Goot. He’s a wrist version, so he’s small, but still adorable. You can attach him to the shoulder of Rocket Racoon just like the trailer in the second movie.