Build-A-Bear new Star Wars collection is out

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The new Star Wars movie is still being filmed, but Build-A-Bear is already done with the stuffed animals and soft toys to give the fans something to hug.

Build-A-Bear new Star Wars collection is out
Image credit: Build-A-Bear

There are currently 8 new Build-A-Bears in the Star Wars collection. They feature two versions of Chewbacca, one of which is 18-inch tall, and the other one features a sound module with 7 phrases and his Bowcaster (also sold separately for other stuffies and combinations).

Need something even more… themed? How about the 16-inch Star Wars Bear? He is the perfect starting base to dress up in all of the various accessories and clothes to make your own dream Star Wars character. There is also a Han Solo version of this bear which features a sound module, Han Solo costume and a blaster.

Build-A-Bear Star Wars teddy bear
Image credit: Build-A-Bear

You can also have this bear in a R2-D2 costume, complete with the classic robotic sounds. Or, how about, the Darth Vader Star Wars Bear? It comes with a red lightsaber, breathing sounds and, of course, the Imperial March sound. You do not want to make this teddy bear angry. No, really. You do not.

Build-A-Bear Star Wars Darth Vader bear
Image credit: Star Wars

Princess Leia is also coming in teddy bear form. She loves hugs and will be able to sing the Star Wars theme song.

Build-A-bear Star Wars Princess Leia
Image credit: Build-A-Bear

A part of the new collection is a 10-inch tall Mini Ewok, too. He is tough, fearless and ready to be your friend and stay by your side all the time.

There are lots of other accessories, too. You can even get the various sound modules separately. So, you can have a Darth Vader bear which can make R2-D2 noises for example. Or, even more crazy, you can have a Frozen bear or a Minions bear making Darth Vader sounds. You can mix and match them however you can think of.