Build-A-Bear launches its own subscription box with goodies

Build-A-Bear launches its own subscription box with goodies
Image credit: Cubsription by Build-A-Bear / Instagram

Build-A-Bear has found yet another way to draw your attention. The company is launching its own subscription box which will come with lots of goodies.

Subscription boxes are quite popular these days, despite the demise of Lootrcrate which basically launched the whole idea and made it so widespread. So, now Build-A-Bear has its own box.

The “Cubscription by Build-A-Bear” will come four times a year with the start of every season. It will feature between 6 and 8 exclusive items.

They will all be made by Build-A-Bear and you won’t be able to get them anywhere else. Of course, the main item in every box will be a new stuffed animal.

The box will also come with a few clothes and accessories for both the plushie and its owner. Cubscription will also feature several accessories like notebooks, crafts, stickers, posters, tote bags, sunglasses and jewelry. Sometimes you will even get other toys.

Each box will have a theme. For example, the first box arrives this December and will have a Magical Winter theme.

You have a choice of two plans. The first one is the quarterly where you basically pay per box. This one will cost $29.99 per order.

The second plan is the annual plan. You again pay $29.99 per box, but you also get a free fifth box during the year. That box is the Birthday box and comes, you guessed it, for your kid’s birthday as a special gift.