Build-A-Bear is on a roll with yet another Pokemon plushie

Build-A-Bear is on a roll with yet another Pokemon plushieBuild-A-Bear is on quite the roll these days. The company introduced yet another stuffed animal. This time it’s an addition to the Pokemon line with Vulpix.

The Pokemon line of stuffies over at Build-A-Bear seems to be enjoying good sales. It debuted last year with the Charmander.

Over the months, the company added several more Pokemon plushies. Among them are Meowth, Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee. Now, Vulpix joins the party.

As always, the attention to detail is quite impressive. Vulpix sports the curled tailes, eyes and etc. Of course, the plushie also comes along with a few accessories and outfits.

Just Vulpix will cost $28 a pop. There’s a special online pack which features Vulpix, both outfits, a sound box with 6 recordings and a Build-A-Bear trading card. This pack is $60.

While you can get the outfits and module in the Build-A-Bear Workshops separately, the trading card is only part of the online bundle. At this rate, you can expect more Pokemon stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear, relatively soon.