Build-A-Bear is coming to the Las Vegas Strip

Build-A-Bear is coming to the Las Vegas StripStuffed animals and toys are far from the first things you think about when you hear Las Vegas. Build-A-Bear wants to change that with a new Workshop.

Build-A-Bear has confirmed to the Las Vegas Review Journal that it is indeed planning a new store in the city. It will be located on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

This will be the company’s third Workshop in the city as a whole. The two others are in malls and a bit further away from the Strip.

So far Build-A-Bear only confirms the plans, but doesn’t say anything else. So, we don’t know when the store will open, where exactly on the Strip it will be and how big it will be.

If you’re going to Vegas in the near future, keep your eyes peeled. You might just be there when the store debuts. It will be interesting to see whether or not it will have some special Vegas-style theme or it will remain with the same design as other Build-A-Bear Workshops.

Does such a cute toy store mix well with the overall Las Vegas Strip vibe? It has the potential to bring some family fun. Or at least it could be an easy way to get a proper souvenir for your little ones at home.