Build-A-Bear introduces Valentine’s Day special stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear introduces Valentine's Day special stuffed animalsGiving stuffed animals as a Valentine’s Day gift is a classic choice. This year Build-A-Bear has a few special plushies to offer for your loved ones.

Build-A-Bear introduces several interesting ideas. All of them are plushies, of course.

Oe of them is the Loveable Lion Champagne Gift Set. It features a lion dressed in a red robe and his mane is shaped like a heart.

The lion also carries a plush bottle of champagne along with a plush glass. He also rocks a pair of heart-patterned pajamas.

Another option is the Pink Cuddles Teddy Rose. She rocks a themed t-shirt and also carries a plush bottle and a glass.

The third option is Pawlette Bubbly. This is a cute plush bunny who rocks a black dress and Mary Janes shoes. And yes, you guessed it, she also carries a plush bottle of bubbly and a glass.

Clearly these stuffed animals are for adults in mind. Of course, there are plenty of other Valentine’s Day plush gifts by Build-A-Bear. They are meant for everyone and feature heart-themed toys, various themed outfits and more.