Build-A-Bear introduces new Mario stuffed toys

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Build-A-Bear introduces new Mario stuffed toys

Mario, Yoshi and more of their friends are coming back to Build-A-Bear. The new plushies come along with new clothes and accessories.

They join the last year introductions of the characters into the lineup. Now we have new costumes and even more cool plush.

The costumes feature new attire for Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach. There’s also new plush, of course.

This time we can have a plush Bowser and two styles of Yoshi. A regular one and a limited edition Blue Yoshi.

The Blue Yoshi comes also as a gift set. It features a special hoodie and Yoshi’s favorite apple.

There’s more. There’s now also a squishable Piranha Plant plushie and a small plush mushroom which you can add to any stuffed animal.

The Blue Yoshi gift set will set you back $39.95 plus tax. You can get him as a standalone, too. This way it will cost $25.50, as much as the regular Yoshi.