Build-A-Bear introduces new Lion King stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear introduces new Lion King stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear continues to expand its line of Disney characters. The company introduced new stuffed animals for the Lion King upcoming movie.

The new collection features a total of five stuffed animals. It introduces Simba, Nala and Mufasa as plush lions and they look quite realistic and as close to the on-screen characters as possible.

Build-A-Bear also offers Timon and Pumbaa plushes. The company currently is only teasing the new release.

It says that more details will be revealed soon. The collection itself will make its way to the shops on July 3rd.

As always, you will also be able to personalize the toys. They will come with new accessories, possibly sound modules and so on.

Build-A-Bear will also have a Lion Pride experience at it stores. It will feature a special sticker and an “epic photo at Pride Rock” in the Workshops along with other stuff.