Build-A-Bear introduces a whole line of Grinch plushies

Build-A-Bear introduces a whole line of Grinch plushiesBuild-A-Bear has a new toy line. It features one character – The Grinch. It comes out in time for the movie for Grinch which hits cinemas this week.

The new toy line will give fans of Grinch a look through his entire life. And it’s also an interesting way to get to know him, if you’re new to his character.

For example, for $12.50 you can get the Young Grinch. He’s comes in bright green and unlike the classic Grinch, has a very innocent and cute smile. He comes pre-stuffed, too.

The classic Grinch comes for $25 and you can create him in true Build-A-Bear style. He has a more typical for Grinch a bit of a cheeky smile.

As you can expect, he also comes with lots of accessories. Among them is a Six-in-One voice box, a three-piece Santa Suit and a #TeamGrinch hoodie, Bustle notes. Build-A-Bear also offers a slew of other accessories like Santa hats and other festive stuff.