Build-A-Bear introduced a new Spider-Man range

Build-A-Bear introduced a new Spider-Man rangeThe summer movies are almost here and Build-A-Bear is ready. It introduced a new Spider-Man teddy bear as well as several additional accessories.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is hitting the cinemas next month. Can’t wait? Well, there’s a way to get some of your Spider-Man fix, right now.

How about with a teddy bear? Build-A-Bear is here with a special Spider-Man Bear. It has it’s own Spider-Man costume as a part of it.

The costume features a Spider-Man drawing on one paw, including a Marvel logo. Another paw, as always, has the Build-A-Bear logo. And the teddy bear is ready to fight crime!

The new bear is part of the Make-Your-Own line. This means you can fully personalize it and, if you’re at a Build-A-Bear Workshop, you can also make it from scratch basically.

Of course, there’s several additional accessories, as well. You can add a sound module to the bear, to make it not only look, but sound like Spider-Man, as well. Also, there’s a separate two-piece Spider-Man costume. You can use it for any other Build-A-Bear teddy to create a fully unique character.

The prices also remain the same as for the other bears. The new stuffed animal is already out in the Build-A-Bear Workshops and online.