Build-A-Bear has a week long Black Friday deal

Build-A-Bear has a week long Black Friday dealBuild-A-Bear is already offering its Black Friday deal. You’d say that there’s a week to go until Black Friday and you would be right.

With so many competitors these days, companies are trying to find new ways to stand out. One of the popular trends now is to have discounts that run earlier and longer than a single Black Friday day.

Of course, the actual Black Friday still brings even bigger discounts and promotions. But the retailers also want to drive attention to their stores in the days before that, too.

One of them is Build-A-Bear who already have a week long Black Friday deal, Romper reported. It offers part of its current line-up in a “Buy one, Get one” type of deal. The offer means you can get one stuffed animal for its regular price and the another for just $10 instead of it’s full price.

This promotion runs only in the physical Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. It will continue up to December 1st, 2019.

And on Thanksgiving on November 28th Build-A-Bear will run a second promotion. It will be for both in-store and online. This promotion will offer a “Snow Cute” plush toy for $6. It’s limited to three buys per style, while supplies last.

Stores that won’t work on Thanksgiving will run the same promotion on Friday, November 29th. Each Build-A-Bear store will have different working hours depending on the mall it’s located in.

There’s more! Build-A-Bear Bonus Club will also have a CyBEAR online sale during Cyber Monday. So, you’re going to get plenty of your Build-A-Bear fix this week.