Build-A-Bear got overwhelmed by the “Pay Your Age” crowds and chaos

Build-A-Bear got overwhelmed by the "Pay Your Age" crowds and chaosWhops… Build-A-Bear’s “Pay Your Age” promo day maybe was too-good of an idea. It gathered so many people, there was police involved and other chaos.

Nearly 1000 people came just to one store in Rochester, Minn. Fans from other countries also went to their local stores in search of the great promotion.

Police were even called to the White Rose shopping center in Leeds, UK after reports of restless customers. Why were they restless? Because they waited a lines which were described as “about a mile long”, The Times reported.

There were also reports of customers fighting at some shops. Other waited for more than 4 and a half hours and in the end were turned away.

Similar stuff happened in the US, too. Police were called at many locations to control crowds. Eventually, things became so hectic, the police told the stores to close and stop the promotion.

As an apology, Build-A-Bear announced that all members can get a coupon for $15 off any purchase. “Eager children and parents were hoping to take advantage of “Pay Your Age Day,” where kids age 5 could buy a bear for just $5, age 3 for $3, and so on. Adults could also save, too, with the maximum price being just $29 even if they’re age 30 or older”, Syracuse reported.

“I thought it would be busy, but I definitely didn’t think the line would wrap around the entire mall,” another shopper, Morgan Duhamel, told

“It is our sincere desire for all of our Guests to enjoy the best Build-A-Bear experience possible,” a statement from Build-A-Bear said. “Therefore, we strongly encourage Guests to consider delaying their trip to Build-A-Bear, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience in this matter.”

The company had a backup plan, too. Build-A-Bear thanked new Bonus Club members for “the unprecedented response” in an email Wednesday, and said members are still able to pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear during the month of their birthday. The year-long offer to children under age 14 is available through the club’s Count Your Candles program and is also free.