Build-A-Bear goes Into the Spider-Verse with new costumes

Build-A-Bear goes Into the Spider-Verse with new costumesBuild-A-Bear makes a journey Into the Spider-Verse with a slew of new costumes for its teddy bears. The designs are inspired by the movie of same title.

There’s also a special teddy bear. It’s black, covered with red spiderwebs and sports the Spider-Man logo, io9 reports.

The same bear comes with a new hoodie of a black and red Miles Morales Spider-Man. There’s also a white and purple Ghost Spider look.

Both costumes also come with a removable mask. This way you can choose whether to have your bear just as a fan of the Spider-Verse or be a member of it.

And, as always, you can mix and match accessories from other bears. You can also use the Spider-Man hoodies to dress up bears from other movies and product lines.

As for the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, it’s coming to the cinemas on December 14th.